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IFSA-Butler Welcome Packet Materials

Below are links to some of our predeparture publications for students and parents. You may also request a paper version by contacting our office at 800-858-0229.

Insurance brochure

Each IFSA-Butler program includes a medical insurance plan for students. Our downloadable brochure includes more information about coverage, claims and exclusions. Click here to link to more information about the insurance policy.

Health and Safety Flyer

IFSA-Butler takes the health and safety of our students abroad very seriously. Our health and safety flyer provides information about our emergency texting service, social media links and more. Click here to view the flyer.

Money Matters

Money Matters covers the financial aspects of study abroad, from scholarships to financial aid to our contractual agreements with universities throughout the U.S. Money Matters also details our payment and billing policies. View a PDF of Money Matters

Click here for our financial checklist.

Preparing to Study Abroad

Preparing to Study Abroad is country-specific and contains information about our programs and policies, immigration, health care, insurance, finances, packing, banking abroad and more. We created these booklets in an effort to help students and parents understand our programs and to ease the study abroad transition.

Budget Planners

Plan a realistic budget of travel, living, entertainment and personal expenses with our budget planners. We have different budget planners per country, as well as separate planners for our summer programs.

Semester/Year Programs 

Summer Programs
Our summer program budget planners are updated each January. 

Click here for information on AT&T's study abroad package.


Visit our Scholarships page for more information on IFSA-Butler scholarships and other sources of funding.

Fill the GAP

Fill the GAP allows students and parents to save in advance for study abroad on an IFSA-Butler program. IFSA-Butler matches contributions up to $1,000 for semester or year programs, and there is no limit to the amount that may be added to the account. Click here to learn more about this innovative program.

First Generation Scholars Program

IFSA-Butler's First Generation Scholars Program offers support and scholarship opportunities for first-generation college students. Click here to learn more.

Visa Information

Most of our countries require students to obtain for a visa before arrival. We have included links to PDF visa information for some of our countries below. For all other countries, our program advisors email students about visa procedures after acceptance.

For Parents

Need more information just for parents and families? Click here to visit our For Parents section.

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