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Students with Disabilities

The Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University is committed to assuring equal opportunity to all persons and we strongly encourage students with disabilities to explore study abroad through our programs. We will work with you and our affiliated universities abroad to find a program that meets your academic and social needs, and accommodates your disability.

As you may know, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed into law in 1990. American institutions of higher education and many commercial ventures are required to adhere to the standards written in the ADA, but this law does not apply to overseas institutions. Many of these institutions, as well as many towns and cities, are not equipped with wheelchair access, nor do they cater specifically to the needs of students with vision or hearing impairments.

However, students with disabilities can and do study abroad. If you have a disability (e.g. a learning disability, a visual impairment, etc.), please inform IFSA-Butler in writing with the required documentation. Many universities abroad have limited resources, but with enough time can usually provide what you need.

If you have a learning disability, the same services you receive in the U.S. may not be available overseas. Schools rarely arrange untimed tests, but you may be able to arrange additional tutoring.

For more information about disabilities and accessibility overseas, visit Mobility International.

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