14 Things to ♥ about Studying Abroad in London

There’s a lot to love when it comes to studying in the multicultural metropolis of London. IFSA hosts hundreds of students here each year, and there are many reasons why they choose this vibrant city as their study abroad location. These are a few of our favorite things about studying abroad in London:

1. Several IFSA program options to fall in love with

IFSA offers distinct program options in London, including our own programs and direct-enroll options at top institutions. You pick the program that best suits your academic needs and overall goals.

Our newest offerings include IFSA Study in London, IFSA Study in London Plus, Life Science Career Accelerator, and Life Science Career Accelerator Plus. IFSA Study in London and IFSA Study in London Plus offer a variety of liberal arts classes and the life science options focus on, well, the life sciences!

Our long-standing relationship with London universities and colleges can be accessed through our programs at King’s College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, Queen Mary, SOAS, University of the Arts, Imperial College, University of Westminster, City University, and University College London. Explore them all here.


Photo by IFSA alum Unique Xue

2. Many options for all GPA levels

IFSA Study in London and Life Science Career Accelerator both have a 2.0 GPA requirement, meaning that if you’re in good academic standing, you’re good to go. Other programs have varying GPA minimums based on the host institution’s admission requirements.

3. It’s London, love.

It’s no secret that London is a lovely and world-class city. With its bustling streets, unique neighborhoods, and timeless, iconic attractions, it’s a great place to study abroad. Our alumni agree; read more about their experiences studying abroad in London.

4. Included excursions and activities

The IFSA team curates a schedule of events and excursions to help make the most of studying abroad in London. Activities vary each semester, but typically include tours of famous sites like the Houses of Parliament and Wembley Stadium, professional networking opportunities, a trek to the English countryside, and more. Best of all, all activities are included in the IFSA program fees.

5. Affinity groups

As part of IFSA’s commitment to Inclusive Excellence, our London Global Flagship organizes affinity groups. These groups provide opportunities for students with underrepresented identities to meet to discuss their experiences at home and abroad. We extend the invitation to all students, so you may voluntarily self-identify and participate. At least three opportunities are arranged throughout the semester to build community and deepen dialogue. Events may include exchanges with local students or associations, colloquia or lectures addressing identity topics, or specific activities that focus on viewing identity from multiple perspectives in the London context.

6. Flat housing

Live the London lifestyle in flat-style housing. You will typically have your own bedroom that connects to kitchen and living spaces for the best of both worlds: individual space and shared space. Cozy private studying and then cooking a shared meal with flatmates… can’t you imagine it now?

7. Scholarships and financial aid

IFSA aims to make studying abroad a possibility for all, which is why we award nearly $650,000 in scholarships each year. One in three IFSA students receives some type of financial aid to support their IFSA study abroad program in London. Plus, you’ll find a range of program pricing, making it easier to find the option that will work with your budget. We also offer several scholarships and grants, and a guide for using financial aid to study abroad.

Life Science

8. Life Science-focused options

Life Science Career Accelerator and Life Science Career Accelerator Plus allow you to dive into topics like bioinformatics, epidemiology, and politics of health and disease, all while gaining leadership skills that will translate into a future life science career. The core class for both programs, Beyond the Lab: Leadership in the Life Sciences, focuses on these specific skills and culminates with a certificate of completion from a top life science management consulting firm, The Leadership Edge. Learn more.

9. Tackle the world’s wicked problems

IFSA has developed a suite of classes for our IFSA London programs that focuses on addressing the world’s wicked problems. A wicked problem is a social or cultural problem that is difficult or impossible to solve, as they often intersect – such as racism with education, education with poverty, etc. Exploration of these themes is embedded in the IFSA London programs’ academic and co-curricular offerings to help you develop as engaged 21st century citizens. These classes are available through the IFSA Study in London, IFSA Study in London Plus, Life Science Career Accelerator, and Life Science Career Accelerator Plus programs.

10. London is an IFSA Flagship location

Our London Global Flagship program center is a tech-savvy home base for all things study abroad in London. This space is used for hosting IFSA-taught classes and events, and is a hub of interconnectedness that offers students, faculty, and university partners wide access to IFSA’s virtual community and resources around the world. Located in the amazing Mayfair District, the program center is right at the edge of Hyde Park with easy access to public transit and key sites in the city allowing you to experience authentic daily life in modern London.

11. Great partner institutions

IFSA has long-standing relationships with a variety of institutions in greater London, and three of them are also accessible through the IFSA Study in London Plus and Life Science Career Accelerator Plus programs. You’ll enroll in one direct-enroll class with one of these specific partner institutions and then a selection of IFSA-taught classes to make your schedule:

Afternoon Tea at Richoux

IFSA alum Sierra DeAngelo

City, University of London

Queen Mary, University of London
University of the Arts, London- London College of Fashion (beginning in Spring 2022)

Additional semester, year, and summer program options in London available through IFSA:

12. Dive into a topic with directed research

You can enroll in this IFSA-taught class and engage in individualized field research with faculty experts in London on a contemporary issue of interest. Regular meetings with faculty will assist in the formation and execution of research plans, as well as provide guidance on how you can thoughtfully and critically integrate academic research with experiential learning. This class is available through the IFSA Study in London, IFSA Study in London Plus, Life Science Career Accelerator, and Life Science Career Accelerator Plus programs.

13. Internship option for resume-building experience

You can participate in a part-time (8 hour per week), credit-bearing internship at placements that may include non-profits, corporations, consulting firms, local start-ups, or government organizations. Working with an IFSA seminar instructor and an on-site placement coordinator, you will complete an academic paper, earning 3 U.S. semester credit hours. Internship placements are tailored to your interests and academic needs and may include opportunities to dive into topics such as business development, social media marketing, or mental health research. This option is available through the IFSA Study in London, IFSA Study in London Plus, Life Science Career Accelerator, and Life Science Career Accelerator Plus programs.

14. Exploring Community & Culture

A unifying class available across all of IFSA’s London programs is Exploring Community and Culture in a Global Context. This unique class is focused on intercultural skills, theories, and analysis, making it the perfect companion in unpacking multicultural experiences while studying abroad in London.