Gallery: Prague Site Seminar

The IFSA Prague Site Seminar allowed professionals in the field of international education to collaborate and explore the innovation of the Czech Republic. It also allowed for participants to gain a further insight into what makes IFSA’s Reimagining Europe program so unique.

During the Prague Forum Conference  Jana and Erika, with two IFSA students, presented, ‘Fostering Intercultural Agility through Innovative Program Design.’ Erika Ryser noted: “The presentation went well, and the students were outstanding as they led us through a Place as Text simulated exercise.  Jana led the audience through Thiagi’s debriefing model. Among the 50+ audience members was Milton Bennet (who created the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity) stood up during the Q&A time to give an opinion.  He feels the term Intercultural Agility is very good, and much preferred to intercultural competence.  He commended IFSA for coining the term and adopting the commitment.” 

The following photos are an inside look at the forum, professional development, and cultural experiences that IFSA site seminars offer. To see our upcoming events, please see our faculty and advisor page.