London Calling! Life Science Study Abroad Programs

Life science is a rapidly-evolving field with an ecosystem that includes biotech, pharma, medical device, diagnostics, digital health, investors, and researchers. Scientific advances, consumer empowerment, and evolving payer and regulatory paradigms continue to propel the industry to find new business models to achieve sustainable success. Never before have there been more opportunities to improve health and quality of life for more people through innovation.
Experts forecast that the global physical, engineering, and the life science market will continue to grow from $444.08 billion in 2019 to $499.58 billion. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the market for physical, engineering, and life sciences is expected to see an even greater demand in 2020 as physics-based techniques play a huge role in the field of structural biology that helps address COVID-19 challenges.
To ease the transition between college and career, IFSA offers two unique study abroad programs in London, England specially designed for life science students. Combining classes with an optional internship or direct research opportunity, Life Science Career Accelerator and Life Science Career Accelerator Plus enables students to extend their connections on a global scale. Science is a global collaboration, and these programs allow for that, with one of the world’s preeminent biotech cities as the backdrop.
Whether students plan a career in medicine, research, or industry, the future for life science students has never looked brighter. These programs offer an opportunity to pursue your studies and career path in London, where support and investment continue to place the UK as a leader in the life science field. Life science clusters, such as The London Cancer Hub, will work with a range of partners including innovative biotech, pharma, Medtech, and software and data companies to advance cancer innovation.


Life Science Career Accelerator

Students may combine four IFSA electives with the IFSA core class, Beyond the Lab: Leadership in the Life Sciences. The core class blends the business of life sciences with the leadership skills necessary for success in the field. Upon completion, students will receive an IFSA-exclusive professional competency certificate from The Leadership Edge, one of the top talent management consulting firms specializing in the life sciences.

Elective courses cover a range of topics, including epidemiology, public health, psychology, bioinformatics, and more. Best of all, students in good academic standing are eligible to apply for this program, making it accessible to an even wider group of science students.


Life Science Career Accelerator PlusStudents opting for the Plus program receive everything available in the Life Science Career Accelerator program in addition to a direct-enroll course at Queen Mary University or City University of London (AACSB-accredited) in lieu of one IFSA elective.

Several direct-enroll STEM & psychology modules are available at Queen Mary University, including advanced class options in biology, chemistry, math, prehealth, and more. Arts & social sciences modules are available at City, University of London, and Queen Mary University, including classes in media, literature, history, and much more, and business & economics modules are widely available at City, University of London, an AACSB-accredited institution.


Both programs also offer Directed Research providing undergraduates with an opportunity to delve deeply into meaningful research of their design. The Internship and Methodology Seminar allows students to gain valuable work experience in a global setting while in London. Science is a global collaboration, and these experiential opportunities allow students to build those important connections with peers, faculty, and industry experts before they graduate.

Take advantage of these opportunities to prepare for a successful future in life sciences while living and learning in one of Europe’s most exciting cities. Connect with us if you have any questions about our programs or would like additional information. Regardless of the program you choose or where you choose to study, your future self will thank you.