Make Winter Break Count with Three-Week Study Abroad Programs

Today you’re welcoming students back to campus. Before you know it, they’ll be heading home for the holidays. Introduce them to IFSA’s affordable winter programs now — and help them make the most of the upcoming break.

From Costa Rica to Barcelona, our vibrant locations have the lure of warm temperatures and intriguing topics like sustainability and social media. And after a semester in the classroom, lab, and library, three weeks of hands-on learning and intercultural skill building is a welcome change.

The easiest way to study abroad

Winter study abroad has so many advantages. “It fits neatly into the college calendar and maximizes break time by allowing students to experience a different culture,” says Maritheresa Frain, IFSA Vice President for Academic Programs. “And IFSA gives you an unbeatable price that includes everything at your destination. No hidden costs or surprises.”

Need more proof points? How about these:

  • Easy to schedule. Our three-week programs won’t interfere with campus academics. IFSA even offers flexible dates for students who need to return before Martin Luther King Day.
  • More affordable. Short-term programs cost less than semester programs, but still provide meaningful international experience.
  • Credit-building. Winter programs can help students fill requirements – and pursue an interest – as they earn 3 U.S. semester credits.
  • Low barrier. With classes taught in English, there’s no language requirement.

Four amazing options for this January:

study abroad in Mexico with IFSA

Mexico: Multicultural Psychology

With rich Mayan tradition everywhere, Mexico’s tropical Yucatan region is the ideal place to leave textbooks behind and see how culture impacts human behavior. Students fill an elective or social science requirement as they discover:

  • What they share with cultures in Mexico – and what is different.
  • Which behaviors and mental processes are universal.
  • How a slew of factors from language to family structure influence human development.

Plus: Connect with and honor local culture with amazing outings and activities, including a visit to Chichén Itzá, one of the world’s seven wonders, a day trip to Yaxuna, and much more. >Learn more.

study abroad in Costa Rica with IFSA

Costa Rica: Ecology and Sustainable Development

With stunning national parks, live volcanoes, pristine beaches, and 500,000+ species of plants and animals, this is the place for eco-minded students to fill an elective or science requirement while they:

  • Get out in the field to see why ecological recovery and protection matter.
  • Explore challenges to sustainability and preservation.
  • Dig into relationships that promote ecotourism, development, and conservation research.

Plus: Connect with and honor local culture with amazing outings, including visits to Irazú volcano, a sustainable cacoa chocolate farm, and a native tree reforestation project, and more. >Learn more.

study abroad this Winter in Barcelona

Barcelona: Social Media Marketing in the Age of Self

Students discover how social media could provide a career, with hands-on learning on the glorious Mediterranean coast. It’s a great way to fill an elective or communications requirement while they:

  • Learn how to develop strategic social media marketing plans that dovetail with larger marketing and business efforts.
  • Get a handle on various social media platforms and best practices.
  • Learn how to choose the right platform for the task, create and manage engaging content, and establish social media policies.

Plus: Students explore this charming Catalan city as they see how it creates an international social media presence with visits to icons like Sagrada Família and Park Güell, an engaging Design Thinking workshop, and meet ups with leaders from Barcelona start-ups and non-profits. >Learn more.

study abroad in Rome with IFSA

Rome: International Political Economy

Mild temps and Mediterranean sun are ideal for seeing Rome’s many treasures. And with three UN agencies headquartered here, there’s plenty of material to see how national and international politics affect state relations. Students can fill and elective or business requirement as they:

  • Learn the government’s role in how resources are produced, distributed and consumed, using real local products, like prosecco.
  • Apply international political economic concepts to case studies on migration and trade policy.
  • Learn political and economic lessons they can apply anywhere.

Plus: See the impact with activities like visits to the Colosseum and the Forum, a trip to an organic winery on the city outskirts, meetings with reps from the U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization, and more. >Learn more.