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Seville: A new way to discover Spanish culture

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October 25, 2021

Not all students who are considering Spain are up for a big urban experience. That’s why we’re so pleased to offer this fantastic alternative. Small, charming, and easy to navigate, Seville is bursting with authenticity. Our program here is geared to help students connect with locals.

Maximum flexibility: It’s easy to adapt this program to most any student’s needs.
No language requirement: But plenty of language learning options, whether students are starting from scratch or have years of class behind them.
Academic options: Learn in English or Spanish at Universidad Pablo de Olavide, just beyond the city center, or in town at Universidad de Sevilla.
Enhancements: Add research, volunteering, or an internship to explore a path for the future and punch up a resume.
Family homestays: A great way to develop close ties with people who call the Andalusian capital home.

See complete details on our program page: Seville Universities Program.