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Shanghai Programs: Easier to Navigate, Full of Flexibility

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June 29, 2021

See what’s new in China! Starting in spring 2022, our Shanghai programs will simplify student choice, increase academic flexibility, and maximize international experience with the following five options:

IFSA Study in Shanghai. With no required courses, it’s easy for students to design the semester their way choosing from a broad selection of classes in many disciplines.

IFSA Study in Shanghai: International Business. Explore business, finance, and economics in Asia’s premier financial center.

IFSA Study in Shanghai: Social Sciences. Explore sustainable urbanization, economic reforms, or Chinese politics and foreign policy in this cosmopolitan city. Formerly known as 21st Century City.

IFSA Study in Shanghai: Intensive Chinese Language. Designed to encourage significant gains, with homestays, 20 hours of instruction per week, language partners, and more. (No internship option.)

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Options for field visits, internships, language partners, and more make it easy to see theory come to life, learn by doing, and get to know the people of Shanghai. We’re providing access to more students with a new minimum GPA of 2.0 and language options that range from basic Essential Chinese to advanced language and readings, helping more young people discover this global hub for finance, technology, research, manufacturing, and transport.