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Choose Your Own Adventure: IFSA Butler Edition

What’s your story going to be? Is it a tale of how you went and lived in the Middle East for a semester or lived among the ocean for a year in Argentina? When it comes to studying abroad I want you to think back to the days where you would go to the library in elementary school and  have the opportunity to pick out whichever genre of book you so desired. On that day you wouldn’t ever have to wonder was it a going to be a requirement of two nonfictions and a one sci-fi fiction. No. There were no restrictions.
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Do you remember the freedom of being able to roam around and peruse as you saw fit? That was the day where you would choose that one genre called, “Choose your own adventure”.
Remember how eager you were to start the first page into what would ultimately be a journey? This is no different. Behold, the study abroad experience that awaits you here through IFSA is much like that book from your childhood. Choose your own adventure, because your experience abroad is sure to be one of the greatest ones of your life time. Finding the start as you open the first page, whether that is of this webpage or of the brochure on your campus, there is always the question, “Which way will you choose?” Perhaps it’s to Europe, perhaps it’s to Asia, but wherever you choose, it’s your own adventure.
Tangelica Glover 3And once you’re there the question keeps reoccurring, “Which way will you choose?” And you will find out whichever way you go, you can’t lose. You are on an adventure, so which ever path you take will always be one more exciting story to tell and one more life experience you will never forget. The paths you will see abroad will give you the chance to reach goals, expand your perspective, challenge yourself, and live a life that will never be short of a “one more good story.” And after you’ve taken your journey, you have to remember just like those books, how you would go back from page one and become daring enough to take the other path just to see where it led and how it changed the story you created in the end.
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Experiencing studying abroad is much like those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books from our childhood, where possibility is seemingly endless, where the stories you tell are from the paths you decided to take, and where you find yourself just as free to choose, roam, and peruse the land of your destination. Be daring! Be excited! Your experience abroad is the time where you will write a new book in the story of your life. Make it an adventure with IFSA, which every way you may go.
-Tangelica Glover
Tangelica Glover is a student at Miami University of Ohio and studied abroad with IFSA on the Chilean Universities Program, Valparaiso, in 2013.