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Team Type: Custom and Faculty-Led Programs

  • Gwyneth Terry

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    Gwyneth Terry

    Start Date September 2023 Interests Traveler • Dancer • Color Guard Performer • Gym Enthusiast “Learning from the cultures and perspectives of others is an undeniably wonderful experience. Being able to work with IFSA to facilitate these programs for students to learn abroad brings me joy as every experience is so unique and results in…

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  • Madeline Hoskins-Cumbey

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    Madeline Hoskins-Cumbey

    Start Date August 2022 Interests World Traveler • The Outdoors • French Literature • Building Community • Philosophy “I love being a part of the IFSA team because of all the amazing people who dedicate themselves to help other students have a life-changing experience. Working with other people from around the world with different backgrounds…

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  • Lara Azzola

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    Lara Azzola

    Start Date January 2012 Interests Dance • History of Art • Espresso Coffee • Strolling • Hiking • Outdoor Activities • India “It is very rewarding to witness how students’ relation with their new environment changes in the course of the semester, when they start understanding difference, embracing diversity and becoming more cultural sensitive/nuanced individuals.”…

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  • Emily Beck

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    Emily Beck

    Start Date April 2005 Interests Mom • Spanish-Speaker • Mexican Food Enthusiast • Amateur Photographer “I appreciate the incredible impact that study abroad can have on a student’s life, and I have enjoyed helping facilitate study abroad experiences for students throughout my career at IFSA, from my first position as a program advisor to my…

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