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Alicia Gutiérrez Moreno

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Alicia Gutiérrez Moreno

Student Experience Coordinator, Spain

Start Date

August 2023


Yoga • Animal Lover • Music • Mindfulness • Adventures • Traveling • Foodie • Plants

“Studying abroad gives you a fantastic opportunity to get to know and expand yourself in a new world. The best way is when we open our consciousness and mind enough to truly experience a foreign environment, we often end up discovering ourselves more deeply along our path.”


Alicia holds a master’s degree in hospitality management from Les Roches, International School of Hotel Management in Spain. In addition, she earned a bachelor’s degree in tourism.

Travel Experience

Alicia is considered a globetrotter by her friends. She has studied and lived abroad since her early 20s with her first abroad experience in Berlin, studying and working in Florida, and collaborating with an opening of Edition’s Hotels as a guest relations manager in New York and London. Her latest adventure was in the Amazon. Three of her dream destinations are Mexico, Costa Rica, and Colombia.

Did You Know?

Alicia is a therapist in vibrational sound based on traditional Chinese medicine. Alicia loves innovating, making sustainable and natural cosmetics with herbs, and plant medicine.