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Ethan Richmond

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Ethan Richmond

Student Experience Coordinator, New Zealand

Start Date

January 2023


Film Nerd • Astrophysics Fan • Sunset Enjoyer • Music Lover • Explorer

Headshot of Ethan Richmond

“We each bring such a unique lens to our experience of the world that our perspectives constitute worlds unto themselves; and that’s a treasure. Our differences mean we all have something valuable to learn from one another in work, study, and life, and I see study abroad as the perfect opportunity not just to learn that lesson, but to live it!”


Ethan attends the University of Auckland and is studying to earn his bachelor’s degree in psychology. Once completed, he plans to continue his studies in pursuit of becoming a clinical psychologist and helping others.

Travel Experience

Ethan occasionally visits Australia and hopes to travel farther abroad in the future. At home in New Zealand, has explored some less traversed spots: secluded bays in Marlborough Sounds for tsunami survival simulations; wasp infested fields at Dip Flat for helicopter acrobatic antics; and snow covered tussock in the Rangipo Desert to sleep in the ground.

Did You Know?

Ethan was part of a team which took the New Zealand secondary schools volleyball national championship back in his high school days.