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Haley Butler

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Haley Butler

Student Experience Coordinator, England & Wales

Start Date

October 2022


Avid Baker • Reader • Crossword Solver • Cat Lover

Headshot of Haley Butler

“During the pandemic, I began tutoring students virtually to gain teaching experience. I chose to continue to live in London and to work for IFSA to gain experience working with students in higher education. I look forward to helping students through the advising and administrative side of international education. I hope to teach at the university level one day.”


Haley received her bachelor’s degree in history from Santa Clara University. She completed her coursework for a master’s degree in Japanese studies from SOAS, University of London in the fall of 2022.

Travel Experience

Haley had brief study abroad experiences in France and China during high school. She decided to go abroad for her post-graduate education for a change of pace and environment. During her first year in London, she spent her long weekends traveling and visiting countries outside of the UK to learn and eat great food.

Did You Know?

At a company-wide pie baking contest, Haley once ate 24 slices of pie in one sitting.