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Leah Takata

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Leah Takata

Student Experience Coordinator, Czech Republic

Start Date

August 2023


Photography • Architecture • Mother of Two Teens • Trekkie

“Where you hang your hat is not a static nor fixed place, you always leave a bit of yourself, and likewise take a bit of your new home with you forever.”


Leah graduated from the University of Toronto with a double major in arts management and art history. This degree gave her both a solid foundation in an arts discipline, as well as the organizational and management skills to run and organize events and projects.

Travel Experience

As a Canadian living close to the border, trips the United States started early in life. Her first trip outside North America was to Czech Republic in 1999 when she organized a faculty-led program for the University of Toronto and the Faculty of Alternative Theatre in Prague. This lead to her eventual relocation to the Golden City in 2007, and from 2015-2022 she was a site director for a study abroad provider.

Did You Know?

In 2012, Leah founded the Canadians in Czech Republic social group which now has close to 1,000 members. She organizes three annual events which allow fellow Canucks to exchange advice and discuss the perks and challenges of their expat lives in Prague.