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Soraya Barrientos

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Soraya Barrientos

Student Experience Coordinator, Chile

Start Date

July 2022


Proud & Loving Mom • Empathetic Friend • Desserts Lover • Dancing Enthusiast • Environmental Awareness

Headshot of Soraya Barrientos

“There are so many stereotypes that could be broken down if people could just get to know other cultures and ways of living.”


Soraya earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Universidad de Los Andes in Venezuela. Additionally, she has a minor in sales from the Instituto Universitario de Tecnología Industrial in San Cristóbal, Venezuela.

Travel Experience

As an undergraduate, Soraya traveled throughout Venezuela, Peru, and Brazil. While living in Bogotá, Colombia, she visited some cities of that beautiful country. Soraya now lives in Chile and excited to continue her travels within that incredible country.

Did You Know?

While not typically a person that holds on to mementos, Soraya continues to cherish a lovely keychain her father gave her when she graduated from high school.