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Inclusion is a Centerpiece—Not an Afterthought

Our DEI efforts are more robust than ever, yet they’ve long been a cornerstone of meaningful learning experiences for IFSA students—one and all.

Scholarships that expand opportunity

One in every three IFSA applicants benefits from a range of study abroad grants that award more than $1M each year.

Enriched academics

Newly developed IFSA classes include elements to both raise awareness of identity, power, and privilege and give students tools to collaborate with people from other cultures.

A guiding principle

Since 2016, we’ve woven inclusive excellence through everything we do. Acknowledging our diverse identities and abilities shapes how we develop programs, connect with students, plan orientations, and much more.

Our You Belong Here initiative  

Recent accomplishments include: 

  • Expanding educational approaches, content, and assessment measures to ensure students get a deeper understanding of inclusion, locally and globally. 
  • Establishing belonging  as a measure of success for inclusive programs. 
  • Launching a working group to improve inclusivity in employment policies, hiring practices, and organizational culture. 
  • Exploring power, privilege, and marginalization in the U.S. with staff-led Dialogues on Difference sessions. 

In-house expertise  

For 20+ years, IFSA President & CEO Heather Barclay Hamir, Ph.D., has opened doors to international education for students of every background and created programs that welcome and value all. Her most recent book—A House Where All Belong: Redesigning Education Abroad for Inclusive Excellence (Forum on Education Abroad, 2022, edited with Nick Gozik)—offers insights that helps colleagues embed inclusive excellence in every stage of the study abroad journey. 

Inclusive from Start to Finish

Our inclusive focus enhances learning at every step. Welcoming a diverse range of students is just the start. We dig into what it means to deeply explore a new culture from every perspective—including yours. Here’s how we build that journey for you.

Building on your strengths

By taking time to get to know you and your goals, we help you find the right program and experience maximum growth and discovery.

Emphasizing affordability

We put study abroad in reach for more students, with lower-priced program options that include IFSA’s quality academics and immersive experiences, and scholarship awards (33% of our applicants get funding).

Simplifying your search

Our search tool makes it easy to find programs that fit your interests. What’s more, our easy-to-work with Enrollment Counselors are always ready to listen and make suggestions based on your goals and strengths.  

Contact an Enrollment Counselor

Hosting D&I workshops

Tailored to your host country, these innovative sessions provide key insights and perspective to help you navigate, understand, and connect with local people.

Thinking outside the box 

Our first-generation scholarship and mentorship program led the study abroad field, creating work-study opportunities that include stipends, guidance, and resume-building experience. 

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Sharing authentic voices 

By encouraging a range of students capture and share their journeys, we’ve collected a wealth of insights to help you choose your program — and make the most of it. 

Student stories

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