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Study abroad with IFSAStudy abroad with IFSA

Choosing your program: IFSA-Designed or IFSA Partnership? 

IFSA gives you two distinct options for study abroad: IFSA Partnership Programs—provided in conjunction with the many universities we work with—or IFSA-Designed Programs, which include IFSA Study Programs and IFSA Career Accelerator Programs. 

Experience high-quality and affordable study abroad with IFSA-Designed Programs. Save thousands while enjoying small classes, and simplified admissions.

Quality IFSA-Designed Programs that cost less

IFSA-Designed Programs reflect our commitment to offering high-quality study abroad that’s accessible for students with GPAs of 2.0 and up—and affordable. IFSA Study Programs are designed to cost significantly less. In England, for example, you could save $20K or even $40K dollars by choosing an IFSA-Designed Program such as IFSA Study in London.   

Save thousands of dollars with a high-quality IFSA-Designed Program.  

IFSA Study in Buenos Aires, IFSA Study in London, IFSA Tech Career Accelerator, and many more are completely designed and delivered by IFSA. Students take classes designed by IFSA at our program centers. Classes are taught by experienced faculty from local universities that understand our goals. Many of these programs offer an option to take one or two classes at a local university.  

Study abroad with IFSA
  • Applying: Apply through IFSA. Get a quick response with rolling acceptance and simplified admissions. 
  • Classes: Choose IFSA classes, designed in collaboration with leading faculty. Attend small classes with IFSA students at an IFSA Program Center.
  • Extras: Complete support from IFSA on-site staff, curated cultural activities and excursions, and quality housing are all included in your program fee.
  • Cost: Significantly more affordable, saving students thousands of dollars. 

Built from the ground up by IFSA’s expert staff, these programs are designed to welcome more students, maximize intercultural learning, and help each student achieve their personal, professional, and academic goals, in preparation for a future full of impact.  

Locations where IFSA-Designed Programs are offered

IFSA-Designed means outstanding academics  

Quality. Vetted for academic rigor. Taught by respected local professors and professionals with experience in their fields. Small class sizes encourage discussion.  

Selection. Classes span a range of majors, disciplines, and interests. You’ll even find specialized options like IFSA Tech Career Accelerator for computer science students.

Connection. Designed to help you explore your host country’s unique history and culture.  

What Are IFSA Partnership Programs?

We run these programs with leading universities all over the world.  After applying through IFSA, you attend classes at a university, say King’s College in London or the University of Melbourne in Australia. As an IFSA student, you have complete support from IFSA that ranges from orientation and housing to excursions and weekly check-ins. You also have access to many campus facilities, student clubs, sports, and more.  

  • Applying: Apply through IFSA. Get a decision in weeks or months.  
  • Classes: Attend a partner university as visiting student, taking classes with local and international peers. 
  • Extras: Get complete support from IFSA plus all IFSA cultural activities and excursions. 
  • Cost: Varies by location and university.  
Study abroad with IFSA


Whichever IFSA program you choose, rest assured you’ll benefit from our complete learning framework. That includes cultural activities, day trips and excursions, weekly one-on-one check-in meetings, and more, to make sure you squeeze all you can from study abroad. Start exploring your options today!  


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