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Get a head start on life after college with a supercharged semester abroad

What could you do with your degree? Find out in some of Europe’s most fascinating cities.

Develop the skills employers seek and the tools you’ll need to make things happen in the workplace and the world — all while you explore a city rooted in rich history, yet looking toward the future.

You’ve found the field that grabs your interest. Now what? Learn about career possibilities and prepare to land a meaningful role when you graduate, with an IFSA Career Accelerator semester abroad. 

Prague Tech Career Accelerator

Study abroad in Prague with IFSA

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This specialized program makes it easy for computer science students to stay on track with critical coursework, explore career directions, gain skills employers are looking for, and get all the benefits that come with study abroad.

With architectural beauty, an English-friendly environment, a central European location, and a relatively low cost of living, it’s no wonder Prague draws students of many types. Computer science students have their own reasons to head to the City of One Hundred Spires, from its dynamic tech ecosystem to its inspiring legacy of resiliency.

Ready to discover all you can do with your CS degree?   

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London Biosciences Career Accelerator

Study abroad with IFSA in London

Begins Spring 2025

Home of a flourishing biotech and life science industry, London is the ideal place to get to know your options and draw fresh inspiration. And with IFSA’s emphasis on intercultural agility, you’ll also gain skills to help you thrive in a multinational environment. 

As you learn and grow, London is sure to captivate, from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace, and West End theatres to the East End’s Brick Lane Market.    

Watch these videos to see the benefits of this program’s core class, Leadership Development for the Biosciences Sector: 

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London Health Sciences Career Accelerator

Study abroad in England with IFSA

Begins Spring 2026

Take a giant step toward an exciting future in health with IFSA in London, a sophisticated, multicultural city known for excellence in health care and medical research. Whether you’re following a premedical track or studying public health, this program will help you explore career options, gain hands-on experience, and build professional skills that will set your resume apart. 

Time to explore London’s icons and excursions to magical places beyond the city complete your UK adventure.  

Learn how this specialized program can propel you toward a great career in health.  

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Why Career Accelerator?

See how our Career Accelerator programs provide paths to meaningful jobs and make your resume stand out.

Discover every option
Learn all the possibilities that come with your degree — and be free to make big decisions with confidence.  

Gain industry insights.
Get insider knowledge you won’t find in a classroom with company visits and discussions with leaders. 

Tackle a challenge project.
Team up with peers to solve real-world issues presented by local companies. As part of the development of products and processes, your work has meaningful impact and provides valuable professional experience.   

Build global skills
From problem solving to intercultural agility, gain skills you’ll need to lead and collaborate with a diverse group of colleagues. 

Establish an international network.
Create valuable connections as you meet leaders and peers in your field. 

Earn credits.
Stay on track for graduation while you take charge of your future. 

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Wondering if Career Accelerator is right for you? Talk to a friendly IFSA Enrollment Counselor. Tell us about yourself, your goals, and your needs, and we’ll help you find the perfect study abroad experience.