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If you have a question about study abroad, there’s a good chance another student has asked the same one! Take a look at our FAQ collection below. If you don’t see your question, of course, we’re happy to help. Just send us an email at Admissions@IFSA-Butler.org.

How do I start my study abroad application?

From our home page, click the white Portal Login button at top right. Then click the Student Portal button. From here, you can start an application or login to your IFSA account.

How many programs can I apply to?

In most cases,* you can apply to up to two programs per term, though most students apply to just one program. If you meet the program requirements—including minimum GPA—it’s very likely you’ll gain admission. Exceptions include Cambridge, Burren College of Art, Oxford, and University College of London. With limited space, these popular programs often fill quickly. If you decide to apply to more than one program, you would submit a separate application for each program.

*Students cannot apply to more than one Oxford program per term.

What is required throughout the application process? 

This varies by program. For example, some require letters of recommendation. Others don’t. You can see specific requirements on each program page (click ACADEMICS in the right nav, then click the “+” after Application requirements and transcript). You will also see program requirements after you start an application in the Student Portal.

For all programs, keep in mind you will need a passport that will be valid for at least six months after the end date of your program. 

Will I be charged an application fee?

No. No payment is required until you commit to your program, when we require a deposit.

Why do different study abroad programs have different application deadlines?

IFSA deadlines are determined to make sure we in turn meet the deadlines for academic and housing enrollment set by the many universities we work with around the world. Because of the complex logistics involved, these dates are firm. We need all required application items by 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on the date of your program deadline.

Occasionally we extend deadlines after some program deadline dates have passed. There’s no way to know this in advance, so submit on time!

Is there a benefit to submitting my application early?

Yes. Submitting your complete application before the deadline can help ensure admission, especially if your program involves taking classes at a host university (as opposed to enrolling in classes taught by IFSA). We move applications forward to the host university in the order we receive them, so the earlier you submit, the better your chances.

Does IFSA offer scholarships or other resources to make study abroad more affordable?

Yes. Studying abroad is a big financial commitment, and we do all we can to help you meet it.

  • Scholarships. At least one in every three IFSA applicants gets funding help of up to $2,500 through an IFSA scholarship. Learn more.
  • Special grants. We often offer opportunities to win academic and travel grants for specific programs and countries. Check our News page and follow us on Instagram for the latest information.
  • Payment plans. Visit our Billing, Payments, and Refunds page and scroll down to Pay by Payment Plan to learn more. 

We also recommend talking to the financial aid and study abroad teams at your school to find out how any financial aid you have now might apply to study abroad.

What is CHART? 

CHART is an IFSA database that makes it easy for students to select classes for study abroad. It’s synchronized to show you all courses your college or university has approved for other students who have taken the same program you’re considering, saving you time and steps. Search by subject, program, term, and more, and save your favorites for future reference.

Looking to fulfill particular requirements for your degree? Ask us for help. We can perform a class-matching search to help you identify potential equivalents abroad.

How can I connect with an IFSA alum?

Talking with IFSA alumni is a great way to learn about study abroad directly from your peers, and we have many students who would love to share their experiences and answer your questions. To start a conversation, send an email to Admissions@IFSA-Butler.org and ask your Enrollment Counselor for help. In the meantime, check out Student Stories on the IFSA website, where students have written about their journeys with IFSA from all over the world.

What support can I expect from IFSA while I’m abroad? 

At IFSA, we’re here to help from the very start—not just after you arrive in-country. Count on us to help you choose the program that’s the best personal fit and provide travel guidance. While you’re abroad, our in-country team is available around the clock, and offers weekly one-on-one check-ins. At the same time, we give students the freedom they need to explore, discover, and shape their experiences to meet their goals. We even help you make the most of study abroad after you return home. Learn more about all IFSA does to make sure you’re fully supported for this once in a lifetime experience.

Will the credits I earn while studying abroad transfer back to my home university? 

Yes. After you complete your program, you’ll receive an official transcript from Butler University (more below). This transcript will show the grades you earned abroad, converted to American college credits. We send this transcript directly to your home college or university, and they determine how credits transfer toward your major, minor, and general education requirements. To make sure this all works out as you expect, it’s best to meet with your campus academic advisor and study abroad office and talk about your study abroad plans.

How can I get a copy of my transcript? 

It can take as long as five months for your international transcript to reach IFSA. Don’t worry, most U.S. universities expect this delay. After we receive an official transcript, we’ll mail it to your home university. You’ll be able to see your transcript on the IFSA Student Portal. Learn more about timing and how to request additional transcripts on our website

I loved my international experience with IFSA. Can I study abroad again?

Absolutely. There’s everything to gain by deepening your education and expanding your perspective by exploring a different country—or returning to the same part of the world for a different program. Plus, as an IFSA alumni, you’ll get a $500 grant to defray the cost of any semester-long program!

If you’ve done a January or summer program, you might consider a longer stay with a semester-long program. And if you’ve completed a semester abroad, you might find it easier to fit a short-term program into your schedule. Either way, we’re here to help.

What resources do you offer to IFSA alumni?

Our website devotes a special section to support students who have studied abroad with IFSA. From information on adjusting to being back in the United States to resources to help you start an international career, this is the place to start! Don’t miss valuable tips on how to highlight study abroad in your resume, cover letters, and interviews. Finally, we love to hire IFSA alumni. Explore current opportunities and let us know what you’re interested in.

I have questions! Who should I ask about my program, the country I plan to visit, or my application? 

We’re always happy to help, however simple or complex your questions. Send your questions via email at Admissions@IFSA-Butler.org. We’ll answer you directly or forward your inquiry to the IFSA team member who can share the information you need. 

The IFSA Student Portal is also a great resource. After you start an application, click on Resources at the top right to see specific resources for that country.