Partner With IFSA

Partner With IFSA

Together, We Prepare Students for Life

Keeping students on track to earn their degree is a team effort, and as an educator the part you play is essential. Our role is to serve as your strategic partner in the realm of study abroad. We complement and support you through our programs, expertise, connections, resources—and most of all, our ability to find solutions that help students get the most out of their study abroad experience.

Our people make the difference

We’re a diverse group of educators with a passion for what we do. Our dedicated Student and International Education Team focuses on advising both you and your students, bringing deep expertise in international education, higher education practices, and the academic needs of today’s students.

How We Work With You

Our team becomes an extension of your staff, getting personally involved with students through our Appreciative Advising approach. In collaboration with you and each student, we develop individualized study abroad experiences that meet students where they are, ensuring their program advances them towards their academic, professional, and personal goals. We also handle all aspects of health, safety, and on-site support during the student’s program through the local IFSA resident staff.

  • Flexible programs – You can offer your students direct enrollment at our partner institutions, create a tailored program taught by your own faculty, or take advantage of one of our accessible IFSA-taught programs. Whichever you choose, your students will gain valuable academic and life experience, and earn fully transferrable credits through our affiliation with Butler University.
  • Seamless interaction – Our aim is to make offering study abroad programs to your students a integral part of their educational journey. Many of our partner universities have embraced this, formalizing their affiliation with IFSA and having billing go through the institution rather than to the student.
  • Partner institution input –The IFSA National Advisors Council (NAC) has more than 100 member colleges and universities that work with us in the United States and other countries, providing detailed feedback and advice that helps us improve the quality and value of study abroad for every student.

Helping You Become a More Effective Educator

We offer a variety of engagement and professional development opportunities designed to empower and inform you about our organization, our programs, and the benefits of study abroad. Many emphasize interaction with other educators, giving you a way to become an active member of the larger study abroad community.

Our wide range of events have no registration fee. The only cost to you is transportation and lodging. To find out more about upcoming events, contact us.

  • Learn more about IFSA – The IFSA Advisor Day allows study abroad advisors to gain a deeper understanding of how we work with our partners and students. We cover many aspects of how we work, including an examination of tools like our searchable CHART course database, Program Finder, and the Advisor Portal, which are designed to make your job easier. In addition, you’ll learn about scholarships and our efforts to increase access for students of all backgrounds.
  • Visit a program site – Our sites are open for you to experience in person or virtually. If you are planning a trip to one of our locations, let us know and we’ll arrange a personalized visit with our team, including an itinerary that meets your objectives. Can’t make it overseas? We can set up a virtual visit for you, your staff, or your students.
  • Go to the IFSA Conference – Our annual summer conference centers on a theme important to our field, looking at the topic from a variety of angles using several learning formats including collaborative workshops, short EdTalks, and lectures.
  • Take part in a workshop – The Institute at the Institute (I@I) is a hands-on, small-group work session designed for early- and mid-career professionals looking to deepen their understanding of specific topics such as Appreciative Advising, Inclusive Excellence, or Digital Storytelling.
  • Attend an on-campus talk – IFSA Dialogues occur periodically around the country. Typically hosted on U.S. campuses, the Dialogues bring partners together for discussion around topics relevant to our field. Members of IFSA staff and guest speakers share leading academic insight on the topic and then lead a collaborative discussion.