Our Story

What started in 1988 on the campus of Butler University has grown to become a pioneer in high-quality international education practices. As an independent, nonprofit organization, IFSA continues its tradition of academic excellence in 19 countries around the world. We are proud of our long history of creating incredible experiences and deep professional networks, and we use these strengths to fuel our future. We refuse to be satisfied with past successes, so we continue to innovate, evolve, and expand. As a result, we deliver the best study abroad programs with integrated academic guidance to shape a better world, one student at a time.

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Our Mission

IFSA creates global learning environments designed to foster the development of critical perspectives, knowledge and skills essential for students to thrive in the future.

Our Vision

Through a meaningful and lifelong impact on students, our programs cultivate informed, engaged individuals who leverage their global experiences to enrich their lives and the world.

IFSA and Butler University

More Than a Transcript

For more than 30 years, we have partnered with educators to support students as they navigate the complexities of their global learning experience. Butler University has been with us since the beginning, endorsing courses, reviewing programs prior to launch, and serving as a critical member of the National Advisors Council Executive Committee and the IFSA Board of Directors. It’s more than a transcript for your students; it’s an academic partnership.

IFSA Commitments

Inclusive excellence

At IFSA, we consider where your students are coming from, not just where they are going. In fact, we believe that welcoming people of all communities, identities, and abilities enriches the discussions we have together, enhancing the education abroad experience for everyone.

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Individualized Learning

No two student journeys are alike, so we tailor our support to meet each student’s needs. From our first interaction onward, we help each student pursue evolving academic, personal, and professional goals, helping them go as far as their curiosity and interests take them.

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Intercultural Agility

We believe that meaning and value come from cultural immersion not found in travel alone. That’s why our trained staff provide so much more than the health and safety support or logistical guidance. Our students acquire skills that continue to evolve long after their study abroad experience concludes.

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Enduring Impact

We provide each student with an experience that accelerates their learning—and helps them accomplish in weeks and months what others aspire to over the course of years. Study abroad is inherently fun; when combined with IFSA’s intentional engagement, students create meaningful experiences that last a lifetime.

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Our Board of Directors

IFSA’s Board of Directors is charged with fiscal and strategic oversight of IFSA to ensure the vitality of the organization and the sustainability of the mission into the future. The Board contributes their expertise and thought leadership to the organization through four meetings each year and ad hoc engagement on strategic initiatives.

IFSA Board of Directors

Meet Our Team

We attract passionate people from diverse backgrounds. Every IFSA employee is an educator and a learner, and we share a commitment to student success and an appreciation for the priorities of higher education. Whether they work in finance, institutional and student engagement, or IT, our people share the belief that the IFSA experience is exceptional in how it can bridge cultures and improve outcomes.

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Contact the local emergency number provided to you during orientation or local authorities. For non-emergencies, reach out to resident staff during office hours.
Our health and safety staff are located globally to assist you in the event of an emergency. For assistance, you can reach a crisis manager at the following number, 24/7:

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