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You’re committed to reaching your academic goals. So are we.

Studying abroad is a journey that is personal, academic, and professional all at the same time. What you study, and the credits you earn, matter. Your program should align with your home university degree program and your professional goals.

At IFSA, we do everything we can to ensure that it does, through:

  • Meaningful, individualized learning experiences with enduring impact
  • A wide range of programs and areas of study designed to help you progress on your academic journey
  • Focused, personalized advising to guide you
  • Academic credit that is fully transferrable to your home university

You can browse areas of study here on the website. Or, if you want to dig deeper into the details of what our host institutions have to offer, register for our CHART Curriculum Hub—a searchable database of more than 20,000 classes that helps you find the ones that align with your degree program, to maximize academic benefit and keep you on track for graduation.

Areas of Study

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