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Great IFSA Programs for College Gap Year and Grad Students

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March 26, 2021

The ideal timing for studying abroad is different for every student depending on their academic plan and overall goals. If you are taking a break from your studies during college or before graduate school, or if you want to fit studying abroad into your graduate school plans, these IFSA programs are packed with experiences that will make the most of your time abroad.

Intern in Another Country

Student working in a group

Internships abroad are a powerful opportunity to boost your skills and build your resume and future career, no matter where you are on your academic journey. Top IFSA program picks for credit-bearing internships:

  • University of Auckland: internships are open to students who enroll in at least two social science or humanities classes, with placements in various corresponding sectors.
  • Semester or summer internship programs in Argentina: placements are available at English or Spanish-speaking NGOs, local corporations and government organizations.
  • IFSA Study in Rome / IFSA Study in Rome Plus: our team will work with you individually to identify a placement in English or Italian. Past placement options include marketing for a cooking school, winery, or language school, video editing and creation for an environmental association, communications for a fashion and technology blog, and journalism work with independent magazines.
  • IFSA Study in Barcelona / IFSA Study in Barcelona Plus: our team will work with you individually to identify a placement in English or Spanish. Past placement options include work with companies such as an accounting firm, mentoring organization, corporate finance company, government tourism agency, software development company, provider of subscription-based kits, global manufacturer, and more.

Cross-Cultural Engagement

Student on the steps of a religious site in Sri Lanka

For a completely new and different experience that will contribute to your professional skills, step outside of your comfort zone to explore a location that will provide deep cultural immersion and language learning. Top off-the-beaten path IFSA program locations:

  • New Zealand: Known in Māori as Aotearoa, or “the land of the long white cloud,” New Zealand presents the perfect place to learn about Maori and Pacific Islander culture. Zero in on studying these cultures with specialized departments at host universities or explore the impact of European settlers with strong options in history, politics, and environmental studies.
  • Sri Lanka: This tropical island country brings together study opportunities in many areas including Sinhala and Tamil languages, religious studies relating to the Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, and Christian presence, and political and social sciences that further explore Sri Lanka’s past and future.
  • Czech Republic: The European crossroads of culture and commerce come together in Prague to deliver Czech language options, an internship opportunity, and a plethora of classes at Prague College relating to business, art and design, media, and information technology.
  • Mexico: Situated in the culturally and historically significant Yucatán Peninsula, our programs in Mérida offer not only Spanish language, but also a deep dive into culture, social science, public health, and more.

Explore Health Careers & Build Your Skills

Herbalist in Mexico

To prepare for a meaningful career in the area of life science, health studies, or nursing, your path may lead to medical school, further studies, or something new that you create for yourself. For an alternative study plan that still directly contributes to your goals, these programs provide hands-on learning.

Summer internships in Shanghai, Mexico: This engaging summer progras offer health-related placements that will shine on your resume as you work toward your career goals.

IFSA is committed to creating access to our programs for students at varying points in their academic careers and can work with your unique situation regarding any needed study abroad approvals at your home institution. Note that IFSA programs can only accept students who have completed at least one semester at the college or university level. IFSA programs can only provide undergraduate credits.