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IFSA 2023 Impact Report

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IFSA 2023 Impact ReportIFSA 2023 Impact Report

February 1, 2024

At IFSA, we’re driven by ambitious goals to advance the field of study abroad and are committed to tracking our progress in key areas to ensure we achieve the outcomes for which we aim.

We’re pleased to share our findings in the form of our 2023 Impact Report.

This comprehensive report focuses on our advancements in intercultural agility, individualized learning, inclusive excellence, and enduring impact—benchmarks that we consider essential in creating educational experiences of genuine value. By focusing on these benchmarks in line with our organization’s commitments, we strive to equip students with global mindsets, empowering them to thrive in their communities and throughout their careers.

You are invited to download the 2023 Impact Report to explore how we have measured up.

As always, we welcome your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback on how we can improve our services and better serve the students who choose to pursue the opportunity to study abroad!