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Allegra Von Hirschberg

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Allegra Von Hirschberg

Student Experience Coordinator, Scotland

Start Date

June 2023


Foodie • Avid Walker • Stand-up Comedy Fanatic • Crocheter • Plant Lover

Headshot of Allegra Von Hirschberg

“To take the often courageous step to travel internationally and continue to pursue a curiosity in learning, be it academic or otherwise, often allows individuals the opportunity to come up against their usual comfort zones and find growth in the uncomfortable.”


Allegra graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Vassar College. She went onto earn a master’s degree in social work from the University of Lancaster, UK.

Travel Experience

Allegra grew up in Eswatini and traveled often to the U.S. while growing up. As an undergraduate student, Allegra spent her junior year abroad split between Ireland (with IFSA) and South Africa. Allegra also participated in the Semester at Sea program and traveled to 12 different countries by ship.

Did You Know?

Due to growing up in a very small country, Allegra was part of the national swimming team and tennis team representing Eswatini.