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Anne Murith

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Anne Murith

Student Experience Coordinator, Australia

Start Date

June 2022


Pianist • Nature Enthusiast • Avid Traveler • Active Yoga Practitioner • Multilingual

Headshot of Anne Murith

“Immersing oneself in other cultures, learning a new language and discovering the amazing gifts the world holds, makes life so rich, so vibrant! It brings a very new dimension to our perception of others, their views, and interests.”


Anne holds a master’s degree in music from the Music Conservatorium of Fribourg and a diploma of teaching French as a foreign language from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. Subsequently, she completed a Master of Business Administration and master’s degree in international tourism and hospitality management from James Cook University in Brisbane, Australia.

Travel Experience

Anne has traveled the world extensively since her teenage years. Pushed by her insatiable thirst for the unknown and the different, her travels have led her to 35 countries over six continents. She has spent time in France and the United States and lived several years in New Zealand and Australia.

Did You Know?

Anne decided in her 20s she needed to learn to live with less if she wanted to live abroad and keep on discovering the world. That day she gave up her car and has lived without one wherever possible since.