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Bartolome “Bo” Oszanca

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Bartolome “Bo” Oszanca

Student Experience Coordinator, Australia

Start Date

December 2023


Adventurer • Multilingual Communicator • Cooking Enthusiast • Ocean Explorer • Mindfulness Practitioner

Bartolome Oszanca

“Guiding students is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about igniting a flame of curiosity that burns brightly across borders.”


Bo completed his education studies at Käthe-Kollwitz-College, Hagen in Germany, earning certification as a state-recognized educator and early years teacher. His enthusiasm for Montessori principles and individualized learning led him to participate in studies worldwide.

Travel Experience

Bo has spent the last 25 years living in Germany, in the heart of Europe, where his love for experiencing different cultures and savoring good food has taken him on adventures all around the globe. From Southeast Asia to Central America and North Africa, his quest for surfable waves and breathtaking hikes have enriched his global perspective.

Did You Know?

Bo has spent a night at the top of an erupting volcano.