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Belinda Patten

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Belinda Patten

Student Experience and Outbound Coordinator, Australia

Start Date

January 2023


Theatre • Swimming in the Ocean • Zumba • Interior Design • Globetrotting

Headshot of Belinda Patten

“International education and exploring other parts of the blue planet creates connection. Connection through gained understanding, connection with people, connection with your soul, connection with your birthplace, connection with parts of yourself you never knew existed! If I can break down barriers by bringing cultures together, I feel I am where I should be.”


Belinda holds a Bachelor of Education from Federation University Australia majoring in sociology and cultural studies. She found her inspiration to complete her teaching degree after gaining her TESOL Teaching certification through Cambridge University and teaching English for two years in Thailand and Europe.

Travel Experience

Belinda took part in a yearlong study abroad program to Denmark. She gained lifelong friendships and a new language and had the opportunity to visit many European countries. Prior to teaching, Belinda worked in Europe guiding tours through 12 countries and 36 cities. Her love for Southeast Asia began when teaching in Thailand and she has enjoyed many return visits as a tourist. Having visited 38 countries around the world there have been many mind-expanding moments. She holds a magical memory of visiting and riding on a donkey through Petra in Jordan and crying with emotion when seeing the Grand Canyon for the very first time.

Did You Know?

Belinda has worked as an extra on Australian television and film including Mr. Nice Guy with Jackie Chan.