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Blaise Maccarrone

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Blaise Maccarrone

Global Operations Manager

Start Date

January 2023


Reader • Volunteer • Baker • Ever Curious • Lover of Long Walks

Headshot of Blaise Maccarrone

“I enjoy working in international education because it provides extraordinary opportunities for learning and growth, for all involved. Colleagues, students, and university partners are all teachers, who I absorb so much from as we are pushed to regularly reflect on our own cultures, and ask thoughtful questions about the cultures of others. I believe intercultural work expands our capacity for empathy and self-awareness in a unique way.”


Blaise earned her Bachelor of Art in Human Ecology at the College of the Atlantic, and her Master of Science in School Counseling from the University of Southern Maine.

Travel Experience

Blaise spent her childhood exploring as far as she could on foot from her homes in rural Maine then rural New York, then further out once she had access to transportation that moved a little faster than her feet. She started traveling globally in college, mostly visiting friends on their study abroad programs, and was lucky enough to continue that travel when she began working in international education. Her favorite moments in the many states and countries she has had the joy of visiting have been people watching while eating local snacks.

Did You Know?

Blaise is an amateur sewist and loves tracking down a neighborhood fabric store or textile workshop when traveling.