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Donelle Bomont

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Donelle Bomont

Student Experience Coordinator, England & Wales

Start Date

October 2022


Dancer • Coffee Enthusiast • Animal Lover • Theater Goer • Tennis Player

Headshot of Donelle Bomont

“Getting the chance to study abroad offers an amazing opportunity for students to encounter different cultures and people, which can give them an amazing number of skills for the future. My experience studying abroad with IFSA led me to my interest in advising students with their study abroad journeys, as well as getting the chance to work with people one on one to make sure they have as meaningful an experience as I did.”


Donelle graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a master’s degree in international relations. She also earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of British Columbia. Throughout her education, she became interested in climate politics, as well as migration and asylum seeking.

Travel Experience

Donelle studied abroad with IFSA in 2017-2018 in Edinburgh and Dublin. She completed her undergraduate degree in Canada and has spent a summer studying Spanish in Spain! She has traveled to many countries around Europe but hopes to travel to other areas in Southeast Asia including Indonesia and Singapore.

Did You Know?

Donelle collects snowglobes from every country she visits.