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Gretchen Cook-Anderson

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Gretchen Cook-Anderson

Partner Engagement Consultant

Start Date

February 2024


Global Traveler • Fashion Passionate • Marketing Pro • DEI Advocate • History Buff • Avid Reader

Gretchen Cook-Anderson

“I’ve believed throughout my life that it’s essential for more people to see the world through the multidimensional lens of culture and perspective for democracy, social inclusion, social justice and progress to flourish and expand. I’ve dedicated much of my career to being a spokesperson for and enabler of global travel and education, to help more underrepresented students leave the confines of place, where they too can find a breathtaking, mind-blowing newness to themselves that stillness struggles to breed. This work is a priority for IFSA as it is for me, so contributing to making inclusive global education experiences possible for a mosaic of students with so many others across the organization is a privilege and a joy.”


Gretchen holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Spelman College, a dual Master of Arts in Japanese Studies and International Economics from the Paul Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, and two executive education certificates from Harvard University.

Travel Experience

Gretchen studied abroad in Japan during her entire junior year of college. She continues to fulfill her bucket list of travel destinations with a list currently at 26 countries. She’s proud of having made a solo, round-the-world journey in 1990-1991 during her Thomas J. Watson Fellowship. 

Did You Know?

Though most would assume from observation that Gretchen is right-handed, she’s actually fully ambidextrous. In Oct. 1991 in Tokyo, Gretchen was honored to meet one of her heroes, Nelson Mandela.