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Guadalupe Vallejo

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Guadalupe Vallejo

Student Experience Assistant, Argentina

Start Date

March 2023


Traveling • Tourism Adventure • Regenerative Agriculture • Italian and Argentinian Food Lover

Headshot of Guadalupe Vallejo

“I believe that traveling, besides allowing us to get to know another culture, places us in unexpected situations where few things are predictable, which allows us to become more flexible and resilient in the face of new experiences.”


Guadalupe is a physical educator professor and is currently studying education sciences at the Universidad Nacional de San Martin in Buenos Aires.

Travel Experience

Guadalupe worked in Sicily for four years in the area of tourism and sports, at an amazing luxury resort in Agrigento. She has also traveled to Patagonia and visited wonderful places like El Calafate, Bariloche, San Martín de los Andes, and the magical Lanin National Park.

She has volunteered in the countryside of Palermo, in Sicily, and in Mendoza, Argentina, through WWOOF and Workaway volunteer programs. These projects were mostly related to sustainable agriculture and farms animal care.

Did You Know?

Guadalupe enjoys Greek epic and tragedy literature.