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Gwyneth Terry

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Gwyneth Terry

Custom and Collaborative Programs Intern

Start Date

September 2023


Traveler • Dancer • Color Guard Performer • Gym Enthusiast

“Learning from the cultures and perspectives of others is an undeniably wonderful experience. Being able to work with IFSA to facilitate these programs for students to learn abroad brings me joy as every experience is so unique and results in new skills and life-long memories.”


Gwyneth is a Spanish and international business major at Clemson University and will graduate in May 2024.

Travel Experience

Gwyneth visited 12 countries in Europe last year during a study abroad program based in Seville, Spain. These trips focused on expanding her knowledge of cultural and lingual differences throughout Europe. During this program, she studied Spanish and worked with a Spanish company. Many years of traveling to Ecuador to visit family and serving as a volunteer to various communities there and in Mexico has driven her love for Hispanic culture and language.

Did You Know?

Gwyneth has practiced all different types of dance including ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, musical theater, flamenco, and salsa. She devoted her high school and early college years to competitive color guard and she performed at Winter Guard International Championships in Dayton, Ohio in 2022.