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Jacinta Foley

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Jacinta Foley

Student Experience Coordinator, Australia

Start Date

January 2023


Education • Golf • Sports • Travel • Wine

Headshot of Jacinta Foley

“Travel opens your mind. The more places you see, people you meet, and experiences you encounter, defines your world and the way you perceive yourself and others. Take every opportunity to learn something new. Learning is for life!”


Jacinta holds a Bachelor of Education with a specialist major in physical education and a major in mathematics from the University of South Australia. She also earned a graduate degree in information technology and software from Central Queensland University

Travel Experience

Jacinta’s first experience of international travel was as a teenager when she traveled to New Zealand as part of her university degree. Her love of travel and exploring cultures has taken her to 27 countries around the world. Jacinta also enjoys exploring her vast and amazing home country of Australia.

Did You Know?

Jacinta is a golfer and has hit a hole in one—twice!