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James Illingworth, Ph.D.

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James Illingworth, Ph.D.

Director for England & Wales Programs

Start Date

August 2023


Bookworm • Francophile • Linguist • Foodie

“I know first hand how enriching intercultural, immersive experiences can be. It is a joy to come to work every day to help facilitate those kinds of life changing experiences for our students.”


James obtained his undergraduate and master’s degrees in French from the University of Oxford. He earned a doctorate in French literature at Queen’s University Belfast.

Travel Experience

James’s first intercultural experience abroad was at a model U.N. in Washington D.C. and New York, soon followed by a research project in France comparing Franco-British approaches to healthy eating among young people. This latter project solidified his love of all things French, and he subsequently spent a year in France during his undergraduate studies. He still visits France whenever he can, but is also busy crossing farther flung destinations off his bucket list!

Did You Know?

James hails from Yorkshire, and though his accent has “evolved” through his many relocations, he will insist that “scone” rhymes with “gone” (and he will die on this particular hill). And as an FYI, James reminds everyone Yorkshire Day is August 1.