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Jordan Hudson

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Jordan Hudson

Student Engagement Intern

Start Date

January 2024


Traveling • Journaling • Anime/Manga • Desserts • Self-care

Jordan Hudson

“Once I traveled abroad, I saw a completely different side of the world that I was used to, and boy was it beautiful. I am a believer in travel holding just as much educational value as your typical classroom setting. I am happy to be a part of a team that holds that statement in high regards and helps facilitate learning abroad. I can’t wait to help future students at IFSA achieve the goal of having unforgettable experiences while gaining global knowledge.”


Jordan holds a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management with emphasis in event coordinating and lodging/resort management from the University of Missouri. Currently, Jordan is a graduate student pursuing her master’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in human resource management from Columbia College. 

Travel Experience

Jordan started her travel experience during her sophomore year of college when she embarked on her first study abroad adventure to Florence, Italy for six weeks during the summer of 2019. This experience sparked her love for travel and passion for helping students understand the access to amazing opportunities they can participate in through studying abroad. This led her to her first position working as an education abroad coordinator where she the opportunity to chaperone group trips out of the country and share life changing experiences with some first-time travelers.  These experiences helped reinforce Jordan’s passion and drive for students experiencing the world through education and travel.

Did You Know?

Jordan has played the guitar and learned how to play the piano when she was a young child.