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Julienne Vinculado

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Julienne Vinculado

Student Engagement Intern

Start Date

July 2023


Animal Lover • Avid Hiker and Explorer • Sustainability Advocate • Baker

“Traveling internationally for the first time with IFSA was the most rewarding experience of my life thus far as I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and gained a sense of independence. I met some amazing people abroad and hope to inspire others to do the same!”


Julienne is a senior at Wake Forest University, majoring in health and exercise science and triple minoring in bioethics, humanities & medicine, environmental science, and entrepreneurship. This summer, she recently completed a 10-week independent research project in Miami, Florida determining the factors affecting great barracuda abundance to further explore marine biodiversity and resilience. Upon graduation, she plans to work as a sustainability analyst for a few years before getting her master’s degree in sustainability management.

Travel Experience

Prior to studying abroad with IFSA Spring 2023 semester, Julienne had never traveled internationally. She studied abroad in Sydney, Australia, and had the most amazing time meeting new people and seeing incredible and diverse natural environments! Being on the other side of the world, she was able to travel to other countries throughout the semester such as the Philippines, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, in addition to the multiple cities within Australia!

Did You Know?

Julienne started a local business selling eggs when she was 12 years old and continued the business until she graduated high school!