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Lenka Wieluns, Ph.D.

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Lenka Wieluns, Ph.D.

Senior Research Analyst

Start Date

September 2021


Long Walks • Adventuring • Uninterrupted Reading • Family and Motherhood

Headshot of Lenka Wieluns

“Having lived abroad since my teenage years, study abroad is in my DNA. I have come to realize that international education can be a powerful accelerator for dealing with the big things in life, would it be facing the unknowns, adapting to change, or bridging divides.”


Lenka holds a doctorate in political science from Boston University, a master’s degree in Euro-culture from Groningen University, the Netherlands, and a master’s degrees in European studies from Jagiellonian University, Poland. Lenka has also interned in Switzerland and worked in Slovakia and the U.S.

Travel Experience

Lenka’s first time living abroad was in Brussels, Belgium, where she completed her high school studies. This experience opened-up further opportunities for visiting, studying, or working on both sides of the Atlantic, mostly in New England and in many of the Western and Central European states. So far, her most fascinating experience abroad has been in Turkey.

Did You Know?

Lenka loves to celebrate major holidays, passing on the rich traditions she grew up with in Slovakia!