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Melissah Mankarious

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Melissah Mankarious

Curriculum Integration Intern

Start Date

October 2023


’80s New Wave Enthusiast • Watercolorist and Craft Artist • Mystery and Thriller Book Fan • Cat Lover

Melissah Mankarious

“Everyone should have the opportunity to experience a culture outside their own. The memories, new perspectives, and new friendships traveling abroad may bring you will be life changing!”


Melissah earned her Bachelor of Science in Anthropology from California State Polytechnic University.

Travel Experience

Melissah first traveled abroad in 2017 on a senior class trip across Central Europe. In 2019, she traveled to Ho Chi Minh City to visit family, and a few months later au paired in Extremadura, Spain. She has since returned to Extremadura to au pair again in 2022 and to work as a language assistant in the town’s schools in 2023.

Did You Know?

Melissah has seen nearly two dozen ’80s new wave bands perform live, with her top favorite performances being Tears for Fears at the Hollywood Bowl and OMD in Madrid.