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Nada Silman

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Nada Silman

Regional Health, Safety, and Wellbeing Manager: Europe

Start Date

March 2023


Luca’s Mom • Baker • Sushi Lover • Portrait Photography Fan • Chatty

Headshot of Nada Silman

“International education is a chance to take yourself out of what is presumed to feel comfortable. Not only will you get the chance to explore different places and cultures, but you’ll also get the chance to challenge yourself and your belief system. Ultimately, you will get to know ‘you’ a little bit better.”


Nada has both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in international relations from Hult International Business School.

Travel Experience

Nada’s experience with study abroad began when she moved to London to complete her undergraduate and graduate degrees. Following on from being in an international education setting, Nada organically made her way to the study abroad sector professionally and hasn’t left since—by choice!

Did You Know?

Nada is a huge reality TV fan. Unapologetically.