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Ray Casserly, Ph.D.

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Ray Casserly, Ph.D.

Vice President for Academic Programs

Start Date

July 2022


Musician • “Ruralite” • Talker • “Pracademic” • Joker

Headshot of Ray Casserly

“Education is more than a graduation. It’s a journey. A journey in self-realization, social mobility, and opportunity. The opportunity is more than the receipt of a grade, but rather a broader, sometimes nebulous, chance to connect with the world and universe beyond the immediate. Education is, thus, inherently international in scope, and humanistic in nature.”


Ray’s primary focus was anthropology from his undergraduate studies to his doctorate, with applications in cultural studies and socioeconomics (undergraduate), politics, identity, and conflict (postgraduate).

Travel Experience

In spring 2005, Ray studied abroad at Lockhaven University in Pennsylvania as part of his undergraduate degree in anthropology. This experience demonstrated above all others the potential for international education to release unrealized potential in all students, leading to a later—and successful—application for graduate studies at the Queen’s University of Belfast. Since September 2011, he has worked in international education in student facing, and later faculty and curriculum development roles requiring travel throughout Europe, Latin America, the U.S., and travels to South Africa, Australia, and China, and lived in London for three years (alas, as a born and bred “Ruralite”—a.k.a. “country boy”—the big city wasn’t for him!).

Did You Know?

During his student years, he worked in various “side gigs” from playing drums in a Bob Dylan tribute band and wedding band, to farm laboring, bar work, and graveyard landscaping!