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Sandy Fagan

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Sandy Fagan

Director for Australia Programs

Start Date

April 2023


Traveling • Snow Skiing • Water Skiing • Reading • Global News

Headshot of Sandy Fagan

“I worked as the operations manager for Australian program at IFSA from 2002 through 2008. I have such fond memories of facilitating study abroad experiences for students, that I have come back for more. Traveling and living abroad has truly broadened my perspective of the world and if I can assist others in having that experience, I feel that I am making a difference.”


Sandy earned a Bachelor of Science in Recreation Administration and Leisure Services Management at California Polytechnic State University, and earned her Master of Education in Educational Management and Leadership at the University of Sydney.

Travel Experience

Sandy grew up in California, and while in college she spent a summer backpacking around Europe and two summers working in the Netherlands. Her college internship in Switzerland turned into a full-time job, where she stayed for six years developing and running educational and recreational programs for international schools across Switzerland, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain, and Belgium. She then moved to Australia, where she has been living, while working in the field of international education, for more than 20 years. Sandy has visited more than 40 countries around the world and stills has a very long bucket list—she is currently focusing on Asia.

Did You Know?

Sandy worked as a ski instructor in the Swiss Alps.