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Tess Hebert

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Tess Hebert

Institutional Engagement Assistant Manager

Start Date

April 2023


Coffee Shops • Animals • Books • Hiking/Hammocking

Headshot of Tess Hebert

“I’m a first-generation college student who grew up in a family without a passport. Studying abroad wasn’t on my mind, wasn’t even in the realm of possibility, until someone came into my life and made it a reality. My goal at IFSA is to be that person for our prospective students.”


Tess graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources.

Travel Experience

Tess’s first experience abroad was to South Africa to study wildlife with the University of Connecticut. Upon returning, she decided to pursue education abroad further, and the following year went to Cambodia to study elephants. One of her favorite travel memories is driving out into the African bush at night, turning off the headlights, and looking out into the Milky Way.

Did You Know?

Despite working with dogs professionally, Tess has never actually owned one. However, she does have four cats.