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Tianran “Tina” Zhan

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Tianran “Tina” Zhan

Director for China Programs

Start Date

January 2024


Music Lover • Avid Reader • Art Enthusiast • Animal Lover

Tianran Zhan

Empowering students to explore the world is more than a duty. Witnessing their growth, resilience, and cultural understanding fuels my commitment to providing support, guidance, and resources as they navigate transformative journeys, fostering their confidence to embrace diversity and thrive in a global landscape.


Tina graduated summa cum laude from State University of New York at Albany with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with concentrations in finance and marketing. She received her Master of Science in Higher Education from the University of Oxford.

Travel Experience

Tina grew up in China and her international travel experience began when she flew to the United States by herself with three giant suitcases for her undergraduate studies. She later visited countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Indonesia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Mexico, etc. Her next destination is the South Pole.

Did You Know?

Tina once unexpectedly saw the Northern Lights. Guess in which country?