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Zipporah Gaines

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Zipporah Gaines

Institutional Engagement Assistant Manager

Start Date

November 2022


Health and Fitness Enthusiast • Amateur Foodie • K-Drama Fanatic • Aspiring Creative

Headshot of Zipporah Gaines

“Traveling and living abroad contributed immensely to the person I am today, and those are experiences I will treasure forever. I’m so excited to help students at IFSA discover the world and discover themselves!”


Zipporah holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish for translation from Andrews University and has completed a master’s degree in adult, professional, and community education with an ESL emphasis from Texas State University.

Travel Experience

Zipporah’s travel experience began with a high school mission trip to Costa Rica, which convinced her to learn Spanish by studying abroad. That led to her college study abroad experience in Argentina and created her passion for traveling. She has now lived in two countries and been to more than 20, and she can’t wait to visit more.

Did You Know?

Some people hate icebreakers, but Zipporah has one that’s always ready to go —she can wiggle her ears on command.