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Academic Term: January

  • IFSA January in Barcelona

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    IFSA January in Barcelona

    Start the new year off with a bang in the charming Catalan city of Barcelona. With an abundance of picturesque sights and moderate weather, there will be no shortage of Insta opportunities. Your three-week Social Media Marketing in the Age of Self class, perfect to fulfill an elective or communications requirement, will develop your strategic…

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  • IFSA January in Rome

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    IFSA January in Rome

    Mild temps are ideal for exploring Rome’s magnificent treasures—and how they reflect more than 2,000 years of Italian history. Fill an elective or requirement as you examine the role of art in politics, and investigate the ways various people and groups have used literature, cinema, architecture and visual arts for influence. Learning comes to life…

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  • IFSA January in Mexico

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    IFSA January in Mexico

    Why follow your interest in history, humanities, or social science to sunny, welcoming Mérida? Because learning about Mayan history in a classroom is one thing. Experiencing it on the tropical Yucatán peninsula, amidst contemporary Mayan communities and the echoes of ancient achievements, is quite another. Highlight: A visit to the Mayan community of Yaxunah and Chichén…

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  • IFSA January in Costa Rica

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    IFSA January in Costa Rica

    Eco-minded? With stunning national parks, live volcanoes, and 500,000+ species of plants and animals, this is the place to fill an elective or science requirement while you get in the field to see why ecological recovery matters—and what’s standing in the way. Highlights include visits to Irazú volcano, a sustainable cacao farm, and a tree…

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