Business and Economics

Business and Economics

The global nature of business and economics makes studying abroad a natural choice for students. IFSA is uniquely positioned to deliver study abroad opportunities that can meet the individually tailored goals of our students. In the CHART database, students will find nearly 100 programs tagged for business and economics classes that students have recently taken, based on their institution’s list of pre-approved IFSA programs. To help ensure time abroad counts towards graduation, students can also engage IFSA staff in identifying potential matches to your home institution’s unique curriculum. Plus, business students may be interested in internships, research, professional development projects, and networking opportunities offered on our programs.

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IFSA Student Stories

“The IFSA advisors were extremely communicative and made an effort to learn about my interests and career goals. I couldn’t be happier with my internship placement in Prague!”

Lisa Vetyuhova

Student, Remote Internships

“I think about my time abroad ALL THE TIME, and believe it or not, it comes up in almost all of my conversations. It truly was the best experience of my life!”

Sierra Buscher

Student, Italy

“Through my IFSA program, I volunteered at a travel startup where I initiated and developed a six-month lesson plan for the first English teaching program in a Mayan community, created a cost plan for program volunteers, and translated itineraries.”

Erin Harris

Student, Mexico

“The connections I made during my time in Scotland was the most enjoyable aspect of my IFSA study abroad abroad experience. Being part of the St. Andrews basketball team really facilitated my relationship with the campus and its students.”

Anne Ridenhour

Student, Scotland

“Through IFSA, I learned to enjoy the small things in life, was able to better understand a culture different from mine, developed intellectually through independent study, and improved my Spanish.”

Wilnaphekie Taloute

Student, Cuba

“My IFSA program was amazing. They really do a great job making sure you adjust well and are well equipped for your time abroad.”

Cole Wilsey

Student, Ireland

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