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Students on a black sand beach observing a sea turtle laying eggs.Students on a black sand beach observing a sea turtle laying eggs.

STEM majors comprise the largest group of students studying abroad in the U.S…. and growing! IFSA’s portfolio of program options are uniquely situated to meet the needs of physical sciences majors for a term abroad at elite institutions around the world. IFSA’s CHART database shows details of classes recently taken by IFSA students and has thousands of classes tagged to physical sciences, over 500 of which carry a laboratory component. Or, you may wish to conduct research or field work abroad. As students who major in the physical sciences often have strict degree plans, CHART also offers the option to engage IFSA staff in identifying classes abroad which potentially match classes unique to your home institution curriculum, with the goal of ensuring the classes you take abroad will not slow your path to graduation. From Astronomy and Chemistry to Geology and Physics, IFSA has can meet the academic needs of every physical science major.

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