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  • Ulster University Partnership

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    Ulster University Partnership

    Formerly focused on art, Ulster’s newly expanded, cutting-edge campus in Belfast offers exciting range of subjects, including computing, engineering, business, politics, policy, law, communication, sports, architecture, hospitality, event management, photography, and digital animation. The university focuses on active learning and employable skills, and students enjoy strong ties to industry, from film, animation, and gaming to…

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  • Queen’s University Belfast Partnership

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    Queen’s University Belfast Partnership

    A member of the distinguished Russell group, Queen’s University Belfast is respected for academic and research prowess and its entrepreneurial point of view. At a university that sees itself as equal parts British and Irish, you’ll live in Queen’s Quarter, a mile from the heart of the city. That makes it easy to discover Irish…

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  • Stranmillis University College Teacher Education

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    Stranmillis University College Teacher Education

    Jump into acclaimed programs geared to help you excel in education or special education at a school that draws students from near and far. Learn with the guidance of a dedicated tutor as you explore classes in early childhood, primary education, post-primary education, or health, sport and physical activity. Gain valuable hands-on experience with a…

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