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  • University of Sussex: Physics Summer Program

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    University of Sussex: Physics Summer Program

    Nestled near the seaside town of Brighton, University of Sussex has an international reputation for top-quality research and innovative styles of teaching. With this special summer offering, you can focus exclusively on Introductory Physics for four or eight weeks—and make key progress toward your science degree.

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  • University of Sussex Partnership

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    University of Sussex Partnership

    Recognized by the 2021 Research Excellence Framework, Sussex is also known for innovative teaching styles and strong STEM programs. The university is organized into schools of study that connect related subjects. No matter what they study, students consistently give it top marks for satisfaction. The self-contained campus is surrounded by South Downs National Park, four…

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  • University of Sussex: Standard Summer Program

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    University of Sussex: Standard Summer Program

    Pick and choose or hone in on your favorite subject at University of Sussex Undergraduate Summer School. This university offers an impressive range of classes across many subjects. Find your favorite reading spot on this environmentally award-winning campus, explore the surrounding South Downs National Park, or stroll by the sea at the famous Brighton Pier.…

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